Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Write a Nanowrimo Novel

Minimizing distractions when you are writing. 

One of the first things I look at is actually what am I using to write. 

Pen and paper?  Laptop?  Speech to word program? Alphasmart Neo keyboard, thank you. 

nanowrimo 2006

I've used my Alphasmart Neo for years and really love it.  Sad to see they will no longer be produced but hopefully mine will last for years.  You can read more about Alphasmarts here and if they sound good to you rush to buy one if you can find one anymore.  I think I'd better pick up an extra Neo myself.  Of course there are similar keyboards but the Alphasmarts are really good. 

The reason I use my Alphasmart is that I have few distractions when using it.  It allows me to type, stores my words and then I can transfer it at some point to my computer.  It is very easy to use and batteries (3 AA's) last forever even when I use my Neo daily.  I'm going on a year right now with the current set of batteries. 

I tend to transfer writing from my Neo to my computer once a week but during Nano I may transfer more often depending on how impressed I am by the marvellous story I am writing. 

Lots of people use various software programs to minimize distractions as well.  Such programs help you focus on the story which is what Nanowrimo is all about. 

Figure out what works for you to minimize distractions and type, type, type.
We will worry about editing another month and NOT in November. 

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