Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Race to the finish line for Nanowrimo 2013

I reached 50,000 words November 24, 2013 and was proud of myself.  I was tempted to jump in the air but I'd only cause myself a dissservice. 

My challenge was to reach 50K on the 24th like I had last year.  Next year, if I participate, I will have to reach it on an earlier day.   Mind you next year I'll tell myself it must be by the 24th so I'd best stop this cycle somehow.  

The challenge for me now is to keep writing to the end of November and not just throw my hands up in victory.  I am meeting this challenge so far. 

WritingRemember if you don't write, you won't finish your writing.  Edit next month or after you achieve your goal.      

Have you reached your goal yet?  Even if not for Nano do you have a set writing goal for every day? 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Write the story, finish the race!

Okay down to the count with Nanowrimo and it'll be another win year for me.... yah!  Assuming that I will continue to write the thing tomorrow and don't push delete. 

But don't you ever wish that not only could you get to 50,000 words but that you could actually finish writing a story and not just run the race?  Come up with an actual decent ending and feel good about what you wrote?

Of course a lot of this has to do with editing after Nanowrimo is over but what about the not giving up on your original idea?

I often find I've changed my mind as I write my story and have other ideas I want to pursue but I have to keep typing to get to the end of the thing.  One day after editing perhaps I can actually figure out what I wanted to convey to readers and to myself.  Maybe I'll follow some of those other leads to add depth to my story and write a different story entirely.

Ever wonder where you are going with your story?  Or are you simply tired of the whole thing and just want it done i.e. to be at 50K words and win?  You can win you know.  Keep writing. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What writing skill?

Some of my friends think I am an incredible writer because I write all the time though sometimes I just feel like I am pushing keys on the keyboard.  Talking heads anyone?

Maybe what is really incredible is that I keep writing no matter what.  I just tell myself I am never blocked and go...  it helps to read over what I wrote the day before because that often gives me ideas to work on.

Writer's Block I

So I've got the writing down, ie write, write, write, but I've yet to feel successful or even competent as a writer.  I've certainly not been published yet or even tried to self publish anything.
I still do not have confidence in my writing. 

Yet, I keep going hoping that one day things will make sense.

I've got less than 15k words left and wondering where my story is wandering but then I often wonder that.

Don't give up with your writing.
What keeps you writing?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nanowrimo write with you or not?

Okay this is the tenth day of Nanowrimo and I'm feeling pretty good.  How about everyone else? 

I always manage to hang in there but have set myself a goal to reach 50K by the 24th of November. 

That is the day I hit 50K last year so must repeat or do better. 

Write, write, write.  Write with you or not?  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reading lots to write lots.

I go through periods where I can hardly read fiction books at all.  I'm not sure why but sometimes I just can't get into it like when I used to write during Nanowrimo. 

Books Fall Open, You Fall In

In the past during Nano  I wouldn't read any fiction as I found myself overly worried about copying the style, words or themes of others.  Now I realize I should just write the book and get on with it and so am able to read whatever I want whenever I want.  Reading helps me want to write even more.

I am reading a lot of YA lately though and throw in some juvenile lit too.  I enjoy them so sue me.  I think people shouldn't forget what is was like to be a kid.

book #thehungergames #reading #instabooks #relaxing #instalike...

Some great book review sites would include: 

Anita Silvey's Children's Book-A-Day Almanac.  She even goes into the stories behind many books which is great. 

GoodReads where I can read lots of reviews and store my currently read books. 

And never forget Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other online retailers who let customers post reviews. 

I'm past 6k words on my Nano novel now.  How about you? 
What  book review sites do you enjoy? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

How to write lots in one day

I learnt a trick on the Nano forums years ago and still use it to this day.
Well I use it during Nanowrimo and forget it with my writing the rest of the year.

Every hour, on the hour, write at least 500 words.  Do this for as many hours as you can. 

Again during Nano we are looking for quantity and the quality will be edited into the work after Nano is over.

Using this little trick (or is it a technique?)  I am able to get ahead on my first day's writing and even use it on other days as well.  My goal is always to get to 50K words as fast as possible but for me that translates into at least 2k words per day.  More is always better. 

Write, write, write.  I'm right with you. 

Edit: already at 2222 words this morning. 
How is everyone else doing with their writing, Nano or otherwise?  Do you keep to a schedule?