Monday, January 25, 2016

I did it for the fans... Learn to Write With Fan Fiction

Ever heard of Sterek? 

How about Steter? 

I know you've heard of Trekkies. 

Some of us belong to fandoms, grouping of folks that grove (that word is telling of my age, no?) on certain shows like Star Trek (Trekkies) or Teen Wolf (Sterek: a pairing of 2 characters from the show). 

Recently I've read a lot of Teen Wolf Stereks mainly but also several Steters, as well as a few others all available on many fan sites but I really like AO3 (Archive of Our Own).  

Why do we read, and some of us write, such things? 

I used to always look down on those that wrote fan fiction.  Couldn't authors come up with their own ideas, certainly their own characters?  Get over yourself. 

That is I decided to get over myself (no need to get too graphic on here) and check out a few of these stories.  What I found is that there is some pretty good fiction out there available for free ('natch you can't sell fan fiction unless you change names, etc like some certain books out there and you can Google to find out the many in existence). 

Not sure I'm allowed to give out names but many authors started out as Fan Fiction writers.  Maybe that is the path I too must follow.

Give it a go and let me know.
And have fun with it.  

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