Monday, December 12, 2016

Novel Number 11

Okay I survived my 11th Nanowrimo and have another novel to sit on my desktop. 

Will I ever edit it? 

It was a fanfic, something I said I'd never write but it was fun too so there's that.  Unfortunately I still had a few struggles with it. 

Next year (will there be a next Nano novel for me... ugh) I have to remember to make sure my writing program counts the words the same as the Nanowrimo program.  My free words program, the great WPS writer, actually was on the setting to count quotation marks as words so I had over 7K "extra" words to write, not that I realized that until I tried to verify my novel. 

Yes, I was upset and yes, it took another 3 days to get there but luckily I always try to get to 50K, the contest goal, before the 30th of the month thus saving myself from heartache.  I just hate to lose, you know? 

Hopefully many of you won as well no matter how or what you choose to write. 

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