Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off the bucket list

I'm always amazed at people who actually start to work on a bucket list.  
In 2006 I surprised myself but jumping into Nanowrimo and writing what turned out to be quite the tale of narcissistic drivel.  Still it was like writing a novel and I'd had a taste of what I'd wanted to accomplish. year since I've pushed myself to not only participate in Nanowrimos but to try and write almost every day.  I've got even more dreams and figure I have to work towards them.  
Lately I've thought about quitting but figure lots of writers must do the same so why not try to keep going just a little bit more?  If nothing else I'm practicing getting my meaning across to others.  
To I feel ready to hit the big time yet?  Far from it.  
Is your writing where you want it to be? 

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