Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Race to the finish line for Nanowrimo 2013

I reached 50,000 words November 24, 2013 and was proud of myself.  I was tempted to jump in the air but I'd only cause myself a dissservice. 

My challenge was to reach 50K on the 24th like I had last year.  Next year, if I participate, I will have to reach it on an earlier day.   Mind you next year I'll tell myself it must be by the 24th so I'd best stop this cycle somehow.  

The challenge for me now is to keep writing to the end of November and not just throw my hands up in victory.  I am meeting this challenge so far. 

WritingRemember if you don't write, you won't finish your writing.  Edit next month or after you achieve your goal.      

Have you reached your goal yet?  Even if not for Nano do you have a set writing goal for every day? 

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