Friday, October 31, 2014

Countdown to Nanowrimo

Argh, we are almost ready to write for Nano and I feel like I'm not... ready. 

I managed to pull an outline together (thank you Hiveword) but my character motives, my settings, my story world could use a lot of thinking today. 

A few of my friends tell me that a lot of people must cheat to win during Nanowrimo.  And what if they do?  It's more important for me to know that I don't cheat as participants are allowed to prep with outlines, etc as long as no actual story writing is done till tomorrow. 

I'll be using paperback writer's 3 questions technique to develop my characters. 

The idea of Nanowrimo is to have lots of fun. 

I'll need to repeat this to myself all through the first week of November and then it'll be easy (easier?) to get through the month. 

Good luck. 

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