Monday, August 24, 2015

Write now or read?

I gave up my daily writing around April.  At that time I decided I wanted to move and start fresh in many area of my life.  So I downsized a lot of my possessions including my AlphaSmart Neo.  Looks like I'll now have to write on my computer so maybe it's time for a laptop.

I've been reading lots which always scared me when I was writing because I thought I'd start to write like the author I was reading.  Nope, never happened because I've got my own oh so unique voice.  Insert laughter here.  Actually I really do think we have our own voices but sometimes it's hard to spit that out on the page, just like here.

Hopefully this blog will turn into more of a write with you and read with you type thing.
I'm starting to read and review books from publishers through NetGalley and have been given 2 badges to display.

Pretty neat.  This means, of course, I'll be needing to learn how to do a proper book review and not just writing down if I liked a book or not.  Time to learn.  

Still November is approaching and my fingers want to write so who is with me?
Read, read, read.  Write, write, write.

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