Monday, November 24, 2014

Nanowrimo 2014 Win!

Yes, I won yet again.  Did you?  Anything written (even if not 50K) should be a personal win, after all it's more than you may normally have written this month. 

I reached 50,099 words yesterday and yet, after 9 Nanowrimo wins I have yet to be proud of a story that I'd share with others. 

Why is that? 

Editing is the key and I've yet to commit to edit through one of my drafts.  I did give it a go one year but still was not comfortable with the final story. 

Maybe I'll change things up this year and re-write my life story to reflect a guy who actually publishes a story one day.  It's all up to us to change things up. 

Good luck.  I hope there are a lot of other writers out there who have won whether at Nanowrimo or elsewhere. 

There is still time in the month to win at Nano. 

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