Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Done Like Dinner

So I hit the big 50k with my Nano novel yesterday.  In fact I got to 50,112 words.
If you're not done yet keep typing, I will be as my story is not done quite yet.  No, it is not.  

I had some problems with the Nano validator so that was a bit frustrating but I went on the Nano forums and got help.

And was I the only person in years past to actually change my novel into code for the validator, so concerned that the Nanowrimo organization might steal my novel word for word?  I laugh about it now, especially considering my books aren't that good. Still...

This year I feel like I have a novel that almost makes sense.  I recently bought some of K. M. Weiland's books on novel structuring and outlining.  They look good so far and her website is fantastic. 

I'm going to try and reverse outline my Nano novel to get it into shape.
Who's with me?

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