Friday, November 1, 2013

How to write lots in one day

I learnt a trick on the Nano forums years ago and still use it to this day.
Well I use it during Nanowrimo and forget it with my writing the rest of the year.

Every hour, on the hour, write at least 500 words.  Do this for as many hours as you can. 

Again during Nano we are looking for quantity and the quality will be edited into the work after Nano is over.

Using this little trick (or is it a technique?)  I am able to get ahead on my first day's writing and even use it on other days as well.  My goal is always to get to 50K words as fast as possible but for me that translates into at least 2k words per day.  More is always better. 

Write, write, write.  I'm right with you. 

Edit: already at 2222 words this morning. 
How is everyone else doing with their writing, Nano or otherwise?  Do you keep to a schedule?

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