Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What writing skill?

Some of my friends think I am an incredible writer because I write all the time though sometimes I just feel like I am pushing keys on the keyboard.  Talking heads anyone?

Maybe what is really incredible is that I keep writing no matter what.  I just tell myself I am never blocked and go...  it helps to read over what I wrote the day before because that often gives me ideas to work on.

Writer's Block I

So I've got the writing down, ie write, write, write, but I've yet to feel successful or even competent as a writer.  I've certainly not been published yet or even tried to self publish anything.
I still do not have confidence in my writing. 

Yet, I keep going hoping that one day things will make sense.

I've got less than 15k words left and wondering where my story is wandering but then I often wonder that.

Don't give up with your writing.
What keeps you writing?

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