Saturday, November 23, 2013

Write the story, finish the race!

Okay down to the count with Nanowrimo and it'll be another win year for me.... yah!  Assuming that I will continue to write the thing tomorrow and don't push delete. 

But don't you ever wish that not only could you get to 50,000 words but that you could actually finish writing a story and not just run the race?  Come up with an actual decent ending and feel good about what you wrote?

Of course a lot of this has to do with editing after Nanowrimo is over but what about the not giving up on your original idea?

I often find I've changed my mind as I write my story and have other ideas I want to pursue but I have to keep typing to get to the end of the thing.  One day after editing perhaps I can actually figure out what I wanted to convey to readers and to myself.  Maybe I'll follow some of those other leads to add depth to my story and write a different story entirely.

Ever wonder where you are going with your story?  Or are you simply tired of the whole thing and just want it done i.e. to be at 50K words and win?  You can win you know.  Keep writing. 

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