Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reading lots to write lots.

I go through periods where I can hardly read fiction books at all.  I'm not sure why but sometimes I just can't get into it like when I used to write during Nanowrimo. 

Books Fall Open, You Fall In

In the past during Nano  I wouldn't read any fiction as I found myself overly worried about copying the style, words or themes of others.  Now I realize I should just write the book and get on with it and so am able to read whatever I want whenever I want.  Reading helps me want to write even more.

I am reading a lot of YA lately though and throw in some juvenile lit too.  I enjoy them so sue me.  I think people shouldn't forget what is was like to be a kid.

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Some great book review sites would include: 

Anita Silvey's Children's Book-A-Day Almanac.  She even goes into the stories behind many books which is great. 

GoodReads where I can read lots of reviews and store my currently read books. 

And never forget Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other online retailers who let customers post reviews. 

I'm past 6k words on my Nano novel now.  How about you? 
What  book review sites do you enjoy? 

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