Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Artificial Intel in Your Bones or How to Feel Great Without Even Trying

Bone RiderBone Rider by J. Fally
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow I really loved this title and I loved the book. Can we hand out more than five stars?

Riley, running from his Russian syndicate boyfriend, is possessed, actually forced, into a symbiotic relationship with a bone rider, an alien A.I . armor and weapons system eventually named McClane.

I noticed this book a few months back but kept telling myself I would not be able to follow the story. I’m a simple guy and while I enjoy a good fantasy some scifi is just too hard for me to understand. But this great story with an intricate plot is easy to follow and I even found parts of it hilarious.

My pulse is still racing from even thinking about the chases in this book and there was some good body heat too (let’s just say McClane was a fast learner).

And the characters are well written. I’m really surprised J. Fally doesn’t have so many more books out there. Even the secondary characters were great, I even loved the not-yet-so-evil syndicate sister who still loved her brother even though he threw away everything to chase a piece of... well to chase his boyfriend, Riley.

It made sense why the characters did what they did and I kind of fell in love with an artificial intelligence, McClane, who could probably make a lot of fantasies come true including repairing a lot of damaged bodies.

And yes, this is borderline menage which is definitely not my thing but is so cleverly done in this book. Or is McClane more like a guardian angel/devil sitting on all of Riley’s bones handing out interior licks, massages, conversations, body armor and weapons when needed?

I’ll think about this book for awhile and with Nanowrimo coming up a book I would hope to emulate but, deep sigh, never will.

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