Friday, October 23, 2015

Please teach me how to write a story, Eli Easton

The Lion and the CrowThe Lion and the Crow by Eli Easton
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Thanks, Eli. Books like this give me hope that maybe there were a few somewhat happy gay gents back in the day.

This was another book I'd avoided reading for awhile even though I really enjoy Eli Easton's books. Why did I wait to read this? Sometimes I do hesitate to read historicals usually due to all the pain gay folk had to wade through (as well as the rest of the folk too).

I couldn't settle on a book yesterday so reread one of my faves, another Eli great book, How to Howl at the Moon and then thought that Eli is that good so why not read The Lion and the Crow?

And this had such a clever HEA too. Loved it. Even though I wished the story had gone on and on it was a short story so... dang.

So glad I read it and I'll be adding this to my comfort re-reads as well.

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