Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nanowrimo is upon us

Yes, it's time again for the rush of Nanowrimo. 

Once again I ask myself if I'll be joining in or running far away. 

I have automatically signed myself up to write this year, seems like that's a given, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll follow through.  However, IF I follow through I told myself to write a M/M romance and get it over with. 

Seems like I've always struggled to throw in a gay character or make my plot have something to do with religion and discrimination but why not just write an M/M romance?  Seems like that's often what I have in my mind anyway. 

I've got a few ideas though that doesn't really make a plot.  The plotting part is often one of the challenges for me, especially a plot that I would care to read again myself.  

Who else is writing this year? 

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