Monday, October 26, 2015

Catch a Falling Star

Then the Stars FallThen the Stars Fall by Brandon Witt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For the first third of the book I liked it but by the time I reached the end I really liked the story.

In some ways as much as I enjoy reading I’m always trying to rush through them as well and this one was just like a nice ride in the country with a few ups and downs but all well in the end.

This story felt real and it was nice to hear characters sound like real folk too. And the small town prejudices felt real as did the small town goodness. My parents live in a small town and it's a bit much on some of my visits.

Did the story feel a little drawn out? Maybe. Did the feelings Travis had for Wesley seem a bit off at first? Sure. But the story whipped everything together into a smooth delight.

And I kind of liked reading a story in which not every little detail of someone’s sex life had to be shoved down my throat. Grin. So if you’re into the hot and heavy smexyness of some books this one might not be your thing, then again maybe you could use a breath of fresh country air for a change.

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